Find Food COVID: Volunteer from Home and Help Keep the Map Updated!

Welcome to the Find Food COVID Map validation team! We’re excited and grateful you’re signing up to help with the critical work of keeping the map up to date.

By making calls to emergency food organizations and COVID-19 free food/meal sites every week, you can help us validate over 30,000 locations across the United States that are distributing free meals and food to our most vulnerable neighbors during this current crisis.

The validation process we’ve set up allows you to create your own schedule and work at your own pace. Depending on your availability, you can commit to calling 5 places or 50 places each week. Any number of calls will make all the difference for a family or a senior struggle with access to food!

To get started, submit your email below and you’ll be taken directly to the Find Food COVID Map Site Validation webpage. You can begin validating sites right away or save the webpage to your bookmarks or favorites so you can come back to validate sites when you have more time.

The more sites you can call and validate, the more people we can help together! Please call as many free food sites as possible and invite your friends, family and colleagues to join us. The more sites we can keep updated, the faster those in need will find food. For questions or additional information, contact us at